Dim Elit Hotel - Göcek


Göcek is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey. It is situated in the meeting point of the Mediterranien Sea and the Toros Mountains. It is a gorgeous fishing town discovered by seamen with its natural beauties and historical environment.

Gocek which is the first station for blue voyage, has 6 marinas give accomodation to all types of yachts.

As it is 20 km far from International Dalaman Airport, it is the fastest access to start a good holiday.

Accomodation in here is also highly prefered by the ones who want to have a nice holiday
because of its being located very close to the other tourism points.

It is easy to arrive by airway or seaway to Gocek which is the most favorite place for blue voyage with its wonderful islands, bays and countrysides.

You can have an unforgetable holiday with boat tours in Atbükü, Boynuz Bükü, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Deep Bay, Sarsila, Manastir, Fathom Cove, Yassicalar, Tersane and Domuz Islands.

Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Sahil Yolu No:66 Gocek, Turkey | Phone : +90 252 645 1670 - Fax : +90 252 645 2936